Official Crafting Dead
by f3rullo14 - Minecraft: 1.5.2

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Check out the huge fleet of servers for multiplayer! Survive the Apocalypse with a friend and conquer the world with tons of guns and melee weapons!



F3RULLO14 (Crafting Dead Creator): Live Stream
F3RULLO5 (My Brother): Live Stream




Want to help BETA Test?!?!?! Now you can! Get all the Pre-Release Versions here!
Crafting Dead Pre-Releases


=============ATLANTA SERVERS=============

Get the server files here:



- Daily the mod gets around 27,000 runs and 5000-6000 downloads!
- The past week we have had over 200,000 runs with a total of 50,000 downloads! Whoa!
- On the weekends: The mod got 32,000 runs and 6,000-8,000 downloads!
- The First Atlanta Official Server has over 250,000 unique players!


Check it out! Crafting Dead is finally updated and even better!
Be the best!


Website Devloped by:

Version 1.9.9:
- Added Crossbow
- Added Crossbow Bolt
- Added New Multiplayer Menu Style
- Added New Server Slot displays
- Added Optional PlayerData clean ups for servers, helps RAM
- Fixed Disappearing Vest glitch
- Fixed Hero/Bandit Armor glitch
- Fixed Clan Player Member List not showing glitch
- Fixed Server Config for clearing drops/bodies
- Fixed Player Offline mode, only Singleplayer is aloud offline
- Removed Sponsor List

Version 1.9.87:
- Nurfed Rusty Pipes
- Fixed Block Placing Glitch
- Fixed Clans not Loading Properly
- Fixed Kick Feature Not working

Version 1.9.85:
- Added m240
- Added Gun Bag (Stores Guns Like Backpacks)
- Added Compass (Same as GPS but tweaked and properly named)
- Zombies dont hit as hard, but higher random damage chance
- Clan tags can be seens wtih player's nametags
- Changed Multiplayer Menu
- Reduced Grenade damage and explosion (Nurfed)
- Fixed Grenade Explosion (No more dieing at spawn :D)
- Fixed Vests not saving inventory on occaction
- Fixed Dead Body skins not rendering
- Fixed Dead Body Inventories disappearing after server restart
- Fixed Supply Drop inventories disappearing after server restart
- Fixed Key bindings not saving
- Fixed Clans saving
- Removed GPS

Version 1.9.8:
- Added AS50 (Found in Supply Drops)
- Added Clan System (Press L) (If doesnt work, just go to the controls and set it up)
- Added Reserved Clans (EX: CDC)
- Added Changelog/News GUI
- Attempted to fix Vest Glitches. Not sure if worked :/
- Fixed Items Stacking Bug
- Fixed Dupe Glitches
- Fixed Grenade Bugs

Version 1.9.6:
- Added AK47
- Added MP5K
- Added M9
- Added M67 HE Grenade
- Added Rice
- Added Canned Pasta
- Added SunKiss (Orange) Soda/Drink
- Added Apples (Custom Apples, not Minecraft Apples :P)
- Added Campfires (Still a WIP)
- Added Patreon Link on home page, support dev!
- Fixed: Small Player GUI tweaks

Version 1.9.5:
- Added Splints
- Added Splint Sticks
- Added Rags (Clean and Dirty)
- Added Gun Attachment Angle Grip
- Added Gun Attachment Laser
- Added new textures for some items/models
- Fixed: Item dupe glitch
- Fixed: Render Bug, no more FPS drops!
- Fixed: Updating rendering attachments

Version 1.9.2:
- Added Links on front page
- Added Energy Drink
- Fixed: Dropbox errors
- Fixed: Server List not loading

Version 1.9.1:
- Added random chance of ammo to spawn with guns
- Added Graphic settings, if fast models will not render but the 32x32 texture will.
- Fixed: Lightened the load of data transferring to clients
- Fixed: Supply drops stacking
- Fixed: Cleared PlayerData not being used. Helps with RAM.
- Fixed: Cleared Fakeplayer and world on main menu. Helps with RAM.

Version 1.8.9:
- Fixed Dead Bodies instant despawn

Version 1.8.8:
- Fixed Class Exception Bug
- Fixed Gun Rendering Bugs
- Fixed Sign Glitch, when right click a sign
- Fixed dead bodies not de-spawning
- Added Random chance ammo will spawn with guns

Version 1.8.7:
- Optimized Rendering for Vest/Backpacks/Guns
- Optimized RAM issues, deleted data(stored) not being used
- Fixed Handcuff Bug on death

Version 1.8.6:
- Removed All Guns
- Removed Items drop on death
- Added M4A1
- Added SCAR
- Added Magnum
- Added DMR
- Added M1 Grand
- Added M1911
- Added Gun Paint
- Added Gun Attachments
- Added New Main Menu GUI
- Added New Player GUI
- Added New Gun Attachment Crafting
- Added Tactical Vests
- Added Supply Drops
- Added Dead Bodies
- Added Orange / Rotten
- Added Pear / Rotten
- Added Peaches / Canned
- Added MRE
- Added Handcuffs
- Added Handcuffs Key
- Added Minecraft 1.6.4 Clay Blocks
- Added Building Blocks [Steel, Brick]
- Added Bleeding Effects on players when bleeding
- Added Commands for supply drops
- Added Commands for clearing supplydrops and dead bodies
- Fix: Blood doesnt decrease as fast when bleeding
- Fix: Player Name tags are not shown unless looking at them
- Fix: Some food restores water too
- Fix: Humainty now goes up to and down to 5000

Version 1.8.1:
- Fixed Dupe Glitch
- Fixed Can Opener Glitch

Version 1.8.0:
- Added Backpacks
- Added Can Opener
- Added New Drinks
- Bullet System Changed
- Building & Destroying Timers
- Fixed item bugs
- KeyBindings switched to support normal MC
- Changed GUI

Version 1.7.3:
- Added Soldier Clothing
- Added Spec Ops Clothing
- Item Bugs Fixed

Version 1.7.1:
- Render fixes

Version 1.7.0:
- New Item Functioning/Rendering
- Added small Items: Canned Tuna, Old Shovel
- New Anti-Cheat system
- New Staff/Dev perks/
- Removed Killfeed

Version 1.6.8:
- Getting ready to add a lot of stuff at once
also known as Crafting Dead Origins

Version 1.6.7:
- Patch to wire kits

Version 1.6.6:
- Added Beans
- Added Cereal
- Added Barbed Wire Kits to build bases with
- Fixed GUI textures
- RE-textured a lot of the Items

Version 1.6.5:
- Updates to Server GUIs
- More Client Anit-Hack checks
- Small Server Command Fixes

Version 1.6.2:
- Bug fixes
- Skins fixed! :D

Version 1.5.7:
- Added Bases
- New configs for servers
- Small bug fixes.

Version 1.5.0:
- Added Factions
- More Items (SCAR-H)
- Server Options
- IDs for items where switched around!
- Bug Fixes!

Version 1.4.4:
- Added GPS
- Added New Sights
- Fixed Humanity Bugs
- Fixed Death message Bugs

Version 1.4.1:
- Added killfeed
- New Server List
- More Server Side Options

Version 1.3.1:
- Forgot to change a very small thing... (face palm)

Version 1.3.0:
- Lots of bugs fixed, added donor capes and may have forgot to chenage a few things but all good.

Version 1.2.8:
- Small updates, bug fixes and anit-hack checks.

Version 1.2.4
- Awesome options and key bind configs! New sounds and
much much more!

Version 1.2.0
- Tons of updates, read the news section :)

Version 1.1.6
- Client Updates, Server saves data!

Version 1.1.2
- bug FIX

Version 1.1.0
- Converting to CURE

Version 1.0.0
- Overhauled the mod!
- Welcome to Crafting Dead: Cure
- No longer just crafting dead.

Version 0.2.0:
- New Thirst System
- Server jar!
- More items

Version 0.1.5:
- Added more items
- Added a few new structures
- Changed Thirst

Version 0.0.7:
- Added more soda types
- Changed some of the leg/thirst systems
- Added new structures
- Fixed Texture Glitch

© 2014 by F3RULLO14.

All rights reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced
or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic,
mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise,
without prior written permission of F3RULLO14.

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