by __Daedalus__ - Minecraft: 1.6.4

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--File host problem FIXED, please redownload!
--Server update: The official server is currently down for an unknown time.

The most stable moonquest modpack out there!
If you haven't heard of moonquest yet, it's a series from the yogscast playing on a custom modpack. This modpack I compiled contains the mods with which yogscast plays. I will update this frequently when there are updates to the mods, and will fix bugs when found/posted here.

We have an offical server!: minecraftmoonquest.com if that doesn't work you can use the direct ip:
For more info go to our site: minecraftmoonquest.com

See ya in space cosmonaught!

Thanks to all mod makers for their hard work on these awesome Mods!

-Cowboy Hat Mod
-Dimensional Anchor
-Galacticraft / Galacticraft planets
-ICBM Contraption
-ICBM Sentry
-Not enough items
-Optifine 1.6.4 HD U C6 (modded compatability with shaders)
-Resonant Inducation
-Universal Electricity

Immibis Core

-Much better connection performances thanks to mekanism tweaks
-tconstruct stencil table crash fixed

-Added UsefullFoods mod
-updated mods: Galacticraft, Tconstruct, Redpower, Mekanism, NEIplugins, UE, and more
-Fixed minor and major bugs
-Increased galacticraft space performance
-Dynamiclights should now work (turn off with L if it's too laggy for your pc)
-And more!

-1.4:Big update
-Loads of random bugs fixed.
-Updated galacticraft, should provide much better performances in space.
-Fixed major crafting issues with atomic science and icbm (they actually work now yay!).
-Updated Universal Electricity's mods, added Mekanism.
-Updated Tinkerer's construct.
-Updated Biomes o Plenty.
-Updated core mods.
-Increased compatibility between Biomes o plenty & Archemedes ships.
-Removed Tuxweapons due to a high amount of crashes. Sorry ): .

-1.3.1 Fixed shaders and optifinecompatability
-1.3 Added server

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Created: 10-31-2013

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