Minecraft Guerra 4+RPG
by XxTuxedoxX - Minecraft: 1.4.7

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Mods :
-Aditional Buildcraft Objects 
-Aditional Pipes 
-Advanced Machines 
-Advanced Solar Panel 
-Applied Energistics 
-Balkon Weapons 
-Buildcraft 3 
-Chicken Chunks 
-Compact Solars 
-Equivalent Exchange 3 
-Ender Storage 
-Flat Bedrock 
-Gravitation Gun 
-Gravitation Suit 
-Industrial Craft 2 
-Nuclear Control 
-Inventory Tweaks 
-Iron Chest 
-Logistics Pipes 
-Modular Forcefield System 
-More Bows 
-Not Enough itens 
-Nether Ores 
-Omni Tools 
-Petroleum Generator 
-Portal Gun 
-Power Converters 
-Rei Minimap 
-Soul Shards 
-Termal Expansion 
-Thinkers Construct 
-Wireless Redstone Chickenbones Edition 
-Xeno Reliquary 
-More Swords
-Flans Mod

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Created: 08-10-2013

Last Updated: 1 year ago

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