Minecraft IRL
by XxiMercurYxX - Minecraft: 1.6.4

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Mod List (Current): Minecraft Comes Alive [1.6.4], Jammy Furniture Mod [1.6.4], Biomes O' Plenty [1.6.4], Bibliocraft [1.6.4], Mo' Creatures [1.6.4], MyPeople [1.6.4], MobAmputation [1.6.4], Ruins Mod [1.6.4], Hats Mod [1.6.4], Pet Bats Mod [1.6.4], Chisel Mod [1.6.4], autoutils [1.6.4], Necromancy Mod [1.6.4], Stalker Creepers [1.6.4], TreeCapitator [1.6.4], Familiars Mod [1.6.4], Carpenter's Blocks [1.6.4], ComputerCraft [1.6.4], Forestry [1.6.4], Archimedes' Ships [1.6.4], Balkon's Weaponmod [1.6.4], Dynamic Lights [1.6.4], RopesPlus [1.6.4], Morph Mod [1.6.4], Not Enough Items [1.6.4], Waila Extension [1.6.4], Backpacks [1.6.4], Tinkers Construct [1.6.4], Damage Indicators [1.6.4], Traincraft [1.6.4], Falling Meters [1.6.4].

Future: EnviroMine, Smart Moving, Inventory Tweaks, Zan Minimap.

Credit for this mod pack goes to the mod makers; WildBamaBoy, Jammy780, ted80, Nuchaz, DrZhark, Kobata, chicken_bones, AtomicStryker, bmanrules, NosirrahK, karyonix, xp614x, Jamezo97, iChun, sirolf2009, AUTOMATIC_MAIDEN, bspkrs, SirSengir, BalkondeurAlpha,  dan200,  Mineshopper, pitman-87, ProfMobius, Eydamos, mDiyo, rich1051414, Spitfire4466, MrBrutal, AlexDGr8r.

If there are any problems or suggestions then please message me on Disqus for now.

If There Are Things Missing From The Mod Pack Here Is A Download Link For The Original Mods/etc:
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/zw965b4f9wesv5z/My%20Modpack.zip?dl=1&token_hash=AAE2eO_C9H1fgIWTbcWK5UF0Blhg8XPr3drBLEnrIIX_ng THIS DOWNLOAD WORKS! [V 1.7]

Bug List: 
- Occasionally crashes via "server tick loop"

Latest Stable Version: McIRL V 1.8

Support: Check out my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/xxmercuryxxgames, and maybe subscribe a little! :)

Finally back! Yay! There is a new Bug Tester version of McIRL, if you want to volunteer to be a bug tester for each new version, message me on Disqus! This modpack is supposed to be singleplayer, however if someone wants to make a dedicated server for this modpack, I wouldn't mind making it official!

1.8 (14/03/2014)
- Added Backpacks
- Added Tinkers Construct
- Added Damage Indicators
- Added Traincraft
- Added Falling Meters
- Fixed Biomes O' Plenty

1.7 (13/03/2014)
- Added mining helmet resource pack for DynamicLighting

1.6 (13/03/2014)
- Remove all mods
- Fixed mod pack
- Learned better grammar (no more first letter caps everywhere)
- Added Minecraft Comes Alive
- Added Jammy Furniture Mod
- Added Biomes O' Plenty
- Added Bibliocraft
- Added Mo' Creatures
- Added MyPeople
- Added MobAmputation
- Added Stalker Creepers
- Added TreeCapitator
- Added Familiars Mod
- Added Carpenter's Blocks
- Added ComputerCraft
- Added Forestry
- Added Archimedes' Ships
- Added Balkon's Weaponmod
- Added Dynamic Lights
- Added RopesPlus
- Added Morph Mod
- Added Not Enough Items
- Added Waila Extension (NEI)

1.5 (25/06/2013)
- Added TreeCapitator
- Fixed Modpack

1.4 (16/06/2013)
- Added Ruins Mod
- Added Hats Mod
- Added Pet Bats Mod
- Added Chisel Mod
- Added Necromancy Mod
- Added Stalker Creepers Mod

1.3 (11/06/2013)
- Added GLSL Shaders Mod
- Added Optifine
- Added MyPeople
- Added MobAmputation

1.2 (10/06/2013)
- Updated Modpack To Minecraft Version 1.5.2
- Added "RopesPlus" Mod
- Added "Mo' Creatures" Mod
- Added "NotEnoughItems" Mod
- Added "Airship" Mod
- Added "BetterAnimations" Mod
- Added "InventoryTweaks" Mod
- Added "DynamicLights" Mod

1.1 (21/04/2013)
- Fixed Modpack

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