Minecraft IRL
by XxiMercurYxX - Minecraft: 1.6.4

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Mod List (Current): Minecraft Comes Alive [1.6.4], Jammy Furniture Mod [1.6.4], Biomes O' Plenty [1.6.4], Bibliocraft [1.6.4], Mo' Creatures [1.6.4], MyPeople [1.6.4], MobAmputation [1.6.4], Ruins Mod [1.6.4], Hats Mod [1.6.4], Pet Bats Mod [1.6.4], Chisel Mod [1.6.4], autoutils [1.6.4], Necromancy Mod [1.6.4], Stalker Creepers [1.6.4], TreeCapitator [1.6.4], Familiars Mod [1.6.4], Carpenter's Blocks [1.6.4], ComputerCraft [1.6.4], Forestry [1.6.4], Archimedes' Ships [1.6.4], Balkon's Weaponmod [1.6.4], Dynamic Lights [1.6.4], RopesPlus [1.6.4], Morph Mod [1.6.4], Not Enough Items [1.6.4], Waila Extension [1.6.4], Backpacks [1.6.4], Tinkers Construct [1.6.4], Damage Indicators [1.6.4], Traincraft [1.6.4], Falling Meters [1.6.4], Enviromine [1.6.4], Smart Moving [1.6.4], Inventory Tweaks [1.6.4], VoxelMap [1.6.4].

This modpack is suggested to be played with OptiFine and Shaders for better performance/aesthetics!

Future: No future mods planned, leave your suggestions in the comments or message me on Disqus!

Credit for this mod pack goes to the mod makers; WildBamaBoy, Jammy780, ted80, Nuchaz, DrZhark, Kobata, chicken_bones, AtomicStryker, bmanrules, NosirrahK, Jamezo97, iChun, sirolf2009, AUTOMATIC_MAIDEN, bspkrs, SirSengir, BalkondeurAlpha,  dan200,  Mineshopper, pitman-87, ProfMobius, Eydamos, mDiyo, rich1051414, Spitfire4466, MrBrutal, AlexDGr8r, TimbuckTato, Divisor, jimeowan, Zaneris.

If there are any problems or suggestions then please message me on Disqus or leave a comment!

If There Are Things Missing From The Mod Pack Here Is A Download Link For The Original Mods/etc:
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/zw965b4f9wesv5z/My%20Modpack.zip?dl=1&token_hash=AAE2eO_C9H1fgIWTbcWK5UF0Blhg8XPr3drBLEnrIIX_ng THIS DOWNLOAD WORKS! [V 1.7]

Bug List: 
- Occasionally crashes via "server tick loop"

Latest Stable Version: McIRL V 1.9

Support: Check out my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/xxmercuryxxgames, and maybe subscribe a little! :)

Finally back! Yay! The Bug Tester version of McIRL is now open! Remember to keep the suggestions coming as well. This modpack is supposed to be singleplayer, however if someone wants to make a dedicated server for this modpack, I wouldn't mind making it official!

1.9 (14/09/2014)
- Added Enviromine
- Added Smart Moving
- Added Inventory Tweaks
- Added VoxelMap

1.8 (14/03/2014)
- Added Backpacks
- Added Tinkers Construct
- Added Damage Indicators
- Added Traincraft
- Added Falling Meters
- Fixed Biomes O' Plenty

1.7 (13/03/2014)
- Added mining helmet resource pack for DynamicLighting

1.6 (13/03/2014)
- Removed all mods
- Fixed mod pack
- Updated modpack to Minecraft version 1.6.4
- Learned better grammar (no more first letter caps everywhere)
- Added Minecraft Comes Alive
- Added Jammy Furniture Mod
- Added Biomes O' Plenty
- Added Bibliocraft
- Added Mo' Creatures
- Added MyPeople
- Added MobAmputation
- Added Stalker Creepers
- Added TreeCapitator
- Added Familiars Mod
- Added Carpenter's Blocks
- Added ComputerCraft
- Added Forestry
- Added Archimedes' Ships
- Added Balkon's Weaponmod
- Added Dynamic Lights
- Added RopesPlus
- Added Morph Mod
- Added Not Enough Items
- Added Waila Extension (NEI)

1.5 (25/06/2013)
- Added TreeCapitator
- Fixed Modpack

1.4 (16/06/2013)
- Added Ruins Mod
- Added Hats Mod
- Added Pet Bats Mod
- Added Chisel Mod
- Added Necromancy Mod
- Added Stalker Creepers Mod

1.3 (11/06/2013)
- Added GLSL Shaders Mod
- Added Optifine
- Added MyPeople
- Added MobAmputation

1.2 (10/06/2013)
- Updated Modpack To Minecraft Version 1.5.2
- Added "RopesPlus" Mod
- Added "Mo' Creatures" Mod
- Added "NotEnoughItems" Mod
- Added "Airship" Mod
- Added "BetterAnimations" Mod
- Added "InventoryTweaks" Mod
- Added "DynamicLights" Mod

1.1 (21/04/2013)
- Fixed Modpack
- Removed Herobrine

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