by ToxicSpoon - Minecraft: 1.5.2

Platform URL

Notice: If you are getting problems with the download just go to here http://toxicspoon.info/medicraft/files/Medicraft1.5.1.2.zip, and manually install it to the medicraft folder in C:\Users\(User)\AppData\Roaming\.technic

Medicraft is a modpack that lets you relive the middle ages in your own way. You can either go thought the path of becoming a king or a master sorcerer.

Server download for Medicraft : http://toxicspoon.info/medicraft/files/Medicraft_Server_1.5.1.zip

Mods included in the Pack:
Tale of Kingdoms 2
Mine & Blade : BattleGear
Equivilent Exchange 3
Mob Amputation
More Bows Mod
Balkon's WeaponMod
Elemental Tinkerer
Metallurgy Mod
Backpack Mod
Invasion Mod
Custom Mob Spawners
Legend Gear Mod
Zans Minimap
Dragon Mounts
Archimedes' Ships
Custom NPCs
and more to come...

Core Mods:
Dynamic Lights
and more to come...

Unfortunaley Optifine is too large to be supplied in the download so if you wish to use it, please it install it manually from: http://optifine.net/downloads.php
The Recomended Texture Pack for this mod is: DokuCraft

- -Update 1.5.2 - -
Removed MoCreatures, Fixed Major Bug

- -Update 1.5.0 - -
Updated to Minecraft 1.5.2, Added Bukkit Plugin Suppot, Added Dragon Mounts, Added Mine & Blade : BattleGear

- - Multiplayer Server - -
Doesn't include mods : UgoCraft, Mob Amputation
- -Version 1.3.3 - -
Removed Treecapitator

- -Version 1.3.2 - -
Removed Clay Soldiers, Fixed server bugs

- -Version 1.3.2 - -
Removed Armor Stand Mod, Added Bibliocraft

- -Version - -
Fixes Download bug

- -Version 1.3.1 - -
Fixes Server Bug, Added Treecapitator, Added RPG-Inventory Mod

- - Version 1.3 - -
Added Legend Gear Mod, Added Clay Soldiers Mod

- - Version 1.2 - -
Added Elemental Tinkerer, Metallurgy Mod, Mo'Creatures, Backpack Mod, Invasion Mod, Custom Mob Spawners

- - Version 1.1 - -
Added Thaumcraft Mod, Removed DivineRPG

The Medicraft Modpack does not claim ownership over the mods or texture packs included in the pack. All rights are reserved for their respected owners.

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