Forge Modpack 1.7.4
by metro1102 - Minecraft: 1.7.4

Platform URL

Website : http://moonteam1.net
This is for Minecraft players that like to mod their Minecraft experience.
The only thing this mod pack has is Minecraft Forge And A few Core Mods.

I've decided to make this pack because I didn't see alot of Forge only modpacks.
Any mod can be integrated into this modpack, below is a tutorial on how to properly a simple mod.
If you are integrating a mod that is incapable of working with a core mod, simply remove the coremod by going into your technic directory.

(Instructions For Installing Mods)
Currently Writing Instructions

Current Bugs:
(2-13-14) Java Bug:
After modpack is launched a message will be delivered saying "A Java Exeption has occurred."

-No Changelog-
We Are Too Lazy To Add A Changelog :D lol

Mods Credit:

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Created: 05-30-2013

Last Updated: 187 days ago

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