by hayden9966 - Minecraft: 1.5.2

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I am a new Modpack maker...
I am looking for someone to make a picture for my pack!
I am looking for someone to make a server!
I am looking for some awesome players! And YOU could be one!

This mod pack is WIP it might not be done anytime soon...

For help or info post in the comments or if you have a server or made a picture send me at [email protected]

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Custom NPCs
Minecraft Comes Alive
Falling Meteors
Too Many Items
Minecraft Coder Pack
Minecraft Forge
Forge Mod Loader
bspkrs Core
Flan's Mod
Cheaper Arrows
Dimensional Doors
Elemental Orbs

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Created: 06-17-2013

Last Updated: 1 year ago