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Labcoat Gamers Custom Modpack Released!

This customized modpack is a blending of Tekkit  familiar mods, the Universal Electricity Mods (No ICBM, sorry), Mekanism; Thaumcraft 4, Twilight Forest , ExtraBiomesXL and quite a few other nifty mods that the Labcoat Gamers community has requested for the server! This modpack grows and shrinks dependant upong requested mods, and what is updated or no longer works.

Science, Magic, Farming, Building...you name it. We're playing with it in this modpack.

Version Now Live!

This custom mod pack is the one that is set up to run on the Labcoat Gamers Community modded Minecraft server as maintained by ErusUmbros.

Full Mod Listing:

Coming Soon! (*Valve Time)

Reccomeded Texture Pack: RIGHT HERE

*Note: Texture Pack is a customized Sphax PureBDCraft setup. It covers about 95% of all the items within the modpack, as some things just aren't Sphax-ified yet.

Mekanism removed. Sad to see it go, but it frankly caused so much spam between the Exp IndustrialCraft and itself when people would use the Universal cables that it was crashing my server, and giving singleplayer users massive lag too. So long Mekanism, you will be missed.

Version 2.3.5
Modpack cleanup. Removed some mods, yanked some parts to fix a horrible crash laden issue. Also, IndustrialCraft 2 has been updated to help fix the crashing Nuclear issue mentioned in an earlier update. Tinker's Construct Steelworks added. Thaumcraft 4 Updated w/ Electric Thaumcraft Tools also included.

Version 2.3.4
Updates to Mekanism; ChickenBones; Imbis's Mods; Universal Electricity & Atomic Science, RedLogic & all of Project Red. Also added Resonant Induction for grins and kicks.

Version 2.3.3
Due to some unfortunate crashing issues that I have been unable to resolve, I have removed MiscPeripherals at this time. The author is on hiatus currently, so I have no idea when it will be updated to fix the problems within.
Mekanism released another update for some bug fixes, and I decided to stay ahead of that curve so they are included. CraftingSuite also had an update to help deal with some "clear bench" bugging that people had reported to me. Code Chicken Core, Chunks, Ender Storage, WR-CBE, NEI, Logistics Pipes were all updated as well. NEW MOD: Useful Food - Because I want a damn chicken sandwich in Minecraft, so I can live a dream to build a Chik-fil-a in my world!

Version 2.3.2
Updated Mekanism and all of it's parts to as well as an update to iChun's Hat's mod as well as including the previously forgotten addendum of Hat Stand. I'm also happy to say that I've added another brilliant mod, this one also by iChun called Sync. Zoom mod inclusion, due to loss of Optifine in the initial build setup. Lots to do, lots to play with. Go out there and have a good time with your surrogate selves!

Version 2.3.1
Removed Imbis Microblocks. It appears to have caused a problem with the microblock functionality of ProjectRed. This was only noticed when after a reboot, a chunk of the server where pieces of cobblestone had been placed for a footpath were causing anyone that entered the area to crash. Their client's would close, but the server kept on trucking. This should be fixed now with the removal.

Version 2.3.0
Upgrades to the 1.6.4 mods for stability and support, with a few little surprises thrown in. Known bugs at present have to do with Charging Stations & Nuclear Reactors via the Experimental IndustrialCraft mod. They will crash the server and have to be edited out before things will function again.

So basically, don't place them right now.

Version 2.2.0
Upgraded to Minecraft 1.6.4!

Due to a strange error with Universal Electrical Cable not playing nice with IndustrialCraft I pulled the mods, but it broke a lot of things. So in an effort to fix them I re-compiled and updated the modpack to a newer version of Minecraft.

Included within are quite a few of the old favorites, as well as some new mods which I hope will quickly become favorites too. This time around we are delving into more redstone goodness with ProjectRed & stepping into the world of custom tools with Tinker's Construct! Check out the description for a list of all mods, versions, websites and wiki's.

Version 2.1.0
Yeah I know, update and update again. Fixed a small ItemID problem between two mods which was preventing the creation of gem based tools in the NumiRP pack. Mo'Creatures has also been pulled for the time being due to a problem with the models not being correct with what was being seen. Komodo Dragons were showing up as elephants, snakes as bunnies, etc. The mobs were also dropping items that were in no way tied to them, such as Logistics pipes and other strange items from Buildcraft or Steve's Carts. GraveMod was also removed due to a conflict with crafting rules. For now, the painful death run is in order.

Version 2.0.0
Upgraded to Minecraft version 1.5.2 at long last! A whole boatload of things to see and do! I could list them all, but frankly it's far more fun if you just go out there and use this thing!

Version 1.1.8
Removed Chicken Chunks. Strange error occurring on server that made chunks unload in an improper fashion and returned them to their originally generated state. Houses and Workshops on server can rejoice at not being removed after a restart!

Version 1.1.7
Fuckballs, I was right. Flans Mods fully removed for now. Sorry for the inconvenience folks. I will look into them again for the Minecraft 1.5+ pack later on down the road.

Version 1.1.6
Okay, the last one was the not so final version for 1.4.7! >.>
Removed the Battlefield Weapons pack, in an attempt to hunt down the cause of mysterious lag and crash issues some users have complained of. Starting with the largest culprit first to see if this changes anything. There may be another updated pack sooner or later to remove the rest of Flans Mod Pack if I can't find the culprit.

Version 1.1.5
Final version of the LHC Modpack for Minecraft 1.4.7
This is a bit of a big one. Added the updated mods contained within the Tekkit Lite 0.6.5 installation (Save for Dimensional Anchors & Dimension Doors due to server space worries of lag/logs/multiworlds), then went ahead and brought in two separate packs of Guns & Ammo using Flans Mods. Contained within are the Modern Weapons pack, and a special treat for Creative/Ops in the Battlefield 3 Weapons pack as well by Kirby859.

Version 1.1.4
Changed a configuration file concerning Auto-Update notices on Mekanism which was causing severe server lag & crashes for clients connecting.

Version 1.1.3
Downgraded Portal Gun Mod to 1.4.7v4
Several users have reported that bringing out a Portal Gun caused their clients to crash with v5. In an effort to fix this, I have downgraded to the previous version to see if this problem continues. Please report if it does.

Version 1.1.2
Added Advanced Solar Panels Mod v3.3.2
*NOTE: Since this mod was missing upon server start, if these existed in a previous save they are likely gone now and will have to be rebuilt/replaced.

Version 1.1.1
Installed BlastCraft v0.6.1.23 (Thought it was a culprit for lag spikes previously, proved incorrect.)
Updated ExtraLargeBiomesXL to 3.10.0

Version 1.1.0
Rolled back to earlier version of MinecraftForge to prevent server stability issues. (v6.6.0.517)
No Mod changes

Version 1.0.0 (Updated from Competitive Minecraft ModPack)
Portal Gun 1.4.7v5
Twilight Forest 1.15.4
Railcraft 1.4.7-
Basic Components
Electric Expansion 1.4.7
Atomic Science
Mekanism 5.4.0
Mekanism Generators 5.4.0
Mekanism Tools 5.4.0
Assembly Line
Fluid Mechanics
Modular Powersuits 0.3.0-178
GraviSuite 1.6

We don't have any, so don't be mad!

At present this is a modpack designed to be used on a single server for a single community, and not for broad public consumption.

Just a gaming community trying to keep an organized mod pack and paying big thanks to all those crafty modders who make this stuff for us to play with!

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