Ionic War
by tyrantelf - Minecraft: 1.4.7

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The manager of this pack (flashman111) has stopped playing minecraft.  There are no downloads and this pack is essentially just here as a tribute to him.

Ionic War

Ionic war is made to the THE pack for complete anarchy.  With every weapon and vehicle you can imagine, factions, and no rules, you can rule the world or plot to destroy others discreetly.Watch your enemies burn and your friends worship you as you control the world with trains, planes, and missles of all types.

All Mods used can be found under the Mod List tab.

Server Status:

1. Open your technic platform
2. Click add new pack
3. In the box paste http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/ionicwar
4. Click "Add Modpack"
5. Log in and let the mods download
6. You can play singleplayer or click the connect button under multiplayer to directly connect to the server.

Important Server Plugins

Version 3.1
Updated Galacticraft to a0.0.20
Updated Mekanism to 5.4.1
Updated MFFS to 2.3.0
Updated Powercraft to 3.5.0J

Version 3.0
Updated Galacticraft to a0.0.16
Updated RenderPlayer API Pack to 1.6
Updated MCForge to .534
Updated Optifine to Multicore D5
Updated VoxelMenu to 1.4.7_02.
Added VoxelPlayer Ver. 1.4.7_01
Updated AssemblyLine to
Updated AtomicScience to
Updated SyntaCraft to
Updated StevesCarts to 2.0.0.a61
Updated Modular Powersuites to 0.3.1-182
Updated RivalRebels to 1.4 PreRelease
Removed InfeStation
Updated Mekanism to 5.4.0
Updated Railcraft to
Updated XyCraft to 0.10.18 a
Updated NotEnoughItems to
Updated CodeChickenCore to 0.7.3

All mods used with permission.
MCP - SeargeDP, The MCP Team
Minecraft Forge - Eloraam, FlowerChild, Hawkye, MALFunction84, Scokeev9, SpaceToad, LexManos, cpw
Forge Modloader - cpw
LiteLoader - Mumfrey
Optifine - sp614x
VoxelPlayer - xTiming, Mumfrey, MamiyaOtaru
VoxelMenu - xIGBClutchIx, Mumfrey
Code Chicken Core - ChickenBones
Not Enough Items - ChickenBones
Rei's Minimap - ReiFNSK
Assembly Line - Briman0094, Calclavia, DarkGuardsman
Atomic Science - Calclavia
Balkon's Weapon Mod - BalkondeurAlpha
Basic Components - Calclavia
BlastCraft - Cammygames
Buildcraft - SpaceToad, SirSengir, Krapht
ComputerCraft - Dan200, Cloudhunter
Electric Expansion - Alex_Hawks, Mattredsox
ExtraBiomesXL - MisterFiber
Flan's Mod - Jamioflan
Fluid Mechanics - DarkGuardsman
Galacticraft - micdoodle8
ICBM - Calclavia
Inventory Tweaks - jimeowan
Iron Chests - cpw
Logistics Pipes - Krapht
Mekanism - aidancbrady
MineChem - ljdp
Modular ForceField System - ThunderdarkMC, Calclavia
Modular PowerSuites - MachineMuse
Misc Peripherals - RichardG867
PowerCraft - MightyPork, XOR, Rapus95
Railcraft - CovertJaguar
RedPower 2 - Eloraam
Secret Rooms Mod - AbrarSyed
Steve's Carts 2 - VSWE
SyntaCraft - mouseCop
Traincraft - MrBrutal, Spitfire4466
Usefulfood - Silentspy
XyCraft - Soaryn117

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Created: 03-06-2013

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