Dungeon Hunter (yogbox+)
by CzerPL - Minecraft: 1.6.2

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This modpack have same mods that are in yogbox, updated to 1.6.2
If you like yogbox please give +!!

If you know some fun adventure mods write in disscusion, give me link, I can check it and add to modpack.

Updated to 1.6.2. Some mods are romoved so create new world. Keep inventory on death is removed so enable cheats and use "/gamerule keepInventory true" command to keep items.

If you have error / If you have downloaded modpack but there is no mods:

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/9mmm9bbczik84iz/DungeonHunter+1.6.2.zip
And instal it in folder Roaming/.technic/modpacks/i-dont-know-this-name folder

This is single player, you can play Lan with friend.

Know issues:
- I know about errors with techniclauncher when installing modpack
-Browser oppening on start XD
- TOO many MOBS at night

Mod list (WIP) :

Not Enough Items
Mechanics Mod(JumpPad)
TreeCapitator, CrystalWing, StartingInventory
CustomLanPorts (mod isn't updated to 1.6.2)
Damage Indicators
AsgardShield (not updated to 1.6.2)
Enhanced Books
Rei's Minimap
Airship Mod
Small Boats
Minions, Ropes+, BattleTowers, InfernalMobs
Better Dugeons (chocolate quest)
Biblio Craft
Mo' Creatures
Dimensional Doors
equivalent exchange 3 (not updated to 1.6.2)
Enchanting Plus
Inv. Tweaks
Falling Meteors
Millenaire - villages mod
More health
More bows
Xeno's Reliquary (not updated to 1.6.2)
Twilight Forest
Balkon Weapons Mod
RPG inventory

And other mods that are in yogbox!

Thank Mechtechnology for artwork (logo and background)

See my other modpack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/worldatwar
And my second other modpack : http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/cmodern
My email - [email protected] - (can someone buy me minecraft gift code? :D)
report bugs in disscusion

Sorry 4 bad english

Minecraft 1.6.2:
-1.6.6 - updated mods(:thaumcraft, ) removed infernal mobs
-1.6.5 - added RPG inventory mod
-1.6.4 - increased dungeons spawn rate
-1.6.3 - updated to minecraft 1.6.2, removed some mods ;( (look at mod list)

Minecraft 1.5.2:
- 1.6.2 - added xp books mod, updated enchanting plus and nei
- 1.6.1 - increased ore spawn rate!!!, some config changes
- 1.6.0 - added mods: armor bar, back tools, more bows, asgard shield, infernal mobs. updated mods
- 1.5.9 - added airships mod!
- 1.5.8 - updated mods (fixed better dungeons crash),
- 1.5.7 - updated mods.
- 1.5.6 - updated to minecraft 1.5.2, removed optifine..

minecraft 1.5.1:
- 1.5.5 - added dimensional door, some config files
- 1.5.4 - added biblio craft mod (shelfes, armor stands)
- 1.5.3 - updated some mods: millenaire, easy crafting, balkon weapons
- 1.5.1 - removed more xp mod - it was too easy to get lvls
- 1.5 - Updated millenaire mod, updated better dungeons, fixed more health rpg!!
- 1.4. - Updated to minecraft 1.5.1,removed mods:
-Shelfes, armor stand (not working idk why)
-Keep inventory on death (outdated - for .1.4.7) if you want to keep inventory enable cheats and type /gamerule keepInventory true
-airships (for 1.4.7)
-more fuel (for 1.4.7)
-exp chest (for 1.4.7)
-and other outdated mods /// i will add mods when they will be updated for 1.5.1
Added: more xp mod (x2)
minecraft 1.4.7 :
- 1.3 - Updated better dungeons.
- 1.2.1 - Xp rate is now normal beacose it was too easy to get lvl. If you want you can download more xp mod.
- 1.2 - Added InGame info and minions menu key is now "N"
- 1.0 - Updated to 1.4.7... xd

Nothing is true, everything is permitted.

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