Home Sweet Home V2
by EyEmPey - Minecraft: 1.6.4

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The list of all the mods in this modpack:

-Rei's Minimap
-Damage Indicators Mod
-Idfix Minus mod
-Mr Crayfish's Furniture Mod
-Animal Bikes
-Backpack Mod
-Carpenters blocks mod
-Copious dogs mod
-Craft guide
-Mo creatures
-Deco craft
-Familiars Mod
- Fish and farm mod
-Hats mod
-Minecraft Comes Alive
-Meat hooks mod
-Not Enough Items
-Painter's flower pot mod
-Pams get all the seeds
-Pams Harvest Craft
-Pams Weeee Flowers
-Parachute Mod
-Rancraft Penguin mod
-Camping mod

-Cars and Drives mod
-Forge Multipart
-Smart Moving Mod
-Thirst Mod

Hope you enjoy!

No changelog.

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Created: 01-01-2014

Last Updated: 348 days ago

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