Highnoon Pack
by Xeromatt - Minecraft: 1.6.4

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Updates/Fixes (1.4.1):
- Fixed not being able to play on servers due to bad packet errors.

Update/Fixes (1.4):
- Removed Emasher's mods.
- Fixed ID Conflicts.

Updates/Fixes (1.3.1):
- Fixed Metaworlds mod.

Updates/Fixes (1.3):
- Added Metaworld, Magic Bees, Smallboats, and The Deconstruction Mod!
- Updated Mod List
- Misc fixes.

Updates/Fixes (1.2):
- Updates will be less frequent now that the pack has grown to a larger size.
- Father Toast's Mods (Deadly World, Lava Monsters, Loot Mod, & Dungeon Crawler), More Records Mod + the Pop Pack, & Secret Agent Craft added!
- Misc fixes.

Updates/Fixes (1.1.5):
- Forestry added. (Apparently not in the previous packs due to some reason.)
- Emasher's Mods: Engineer's Toolbox, Gascraft, & Defense added!
- Mystcraft added.
- Railcraft added.
- HarvestCraft Removed
- Misc fixes.

Updates/Fixes (1.1.4):
- Replaced Zan's minimap with Rei's minimap.
- Minor tweaks and fixes.

Updates/Fixes (1.1.3):
- Updated pack background.
- Misc fixes.

Updates/Fixes (1.1.2):
- Fixed pack, removed some mods.
- Optifine removed. (Didn't work properly.)
- Misc fixes.

Updates/Fixes (1.1.1):
- Added Optifine. (Testing to see if it works.)
- More mods! (Minimap included!)

Updates/Fixes (1.1.0):
- Too Many Items removed. Not Enough Items returns and is fixed!
- New mods added! (List will be populated soon.)
- Misc fixes.

Updates/Fixes (1.0.0):
- Pack now working!
- Replaced Not Enough Items with Too Many Items.
- TreeCapitator fixed.
- Herblore removed until updated.

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Created: 11-23-2013

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