Grand Theft Craft
by TwoTails - Minecraft: 1.5.2

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a bunch of mods and a map to make Minecraft feel like GTA

it has the fallowing mods:
zan's minimap
THX helicopter
animated player
booze (Yes, its name is just booze)
CustomNPCs (gonna make a small GTA: SA inspired story with the map)
BetterGUI (it makes the menu look cooler, but the links for "Online music" and "Update" buttons are dead because this mod is really old)

and the fallowing Flan's packs:
default flans
Modern Weapons
nerf pack
parts pack
WW2 pack
Ye Olde pack
Spino's Vehicles 4.0

News 7/1/2014: The download seems to break every few monts. fucking hell. also, I have moved on to a Half-Life 2 mod called DownFall. here is the link: http://www.moddb.com/mods/the-downfall-hl2
so, don't expect to see updates on this again.

News 2/13/2014: I have figured out what the bug is. damn villagers. so, I'll work around the bug.

1.5_2: First update in a while.
Gave the mainmenu and loading screens proper looks. you will see a real update some time before 2015.

news 1/21/2014: I have fixed the download bug, and the pack is going to have a new update! yay!

1.5_1: even though I can't update the pack, I will fix any download bugs. enjoy.

news (forgot when I did this): The pack is just too broken and I can't get the perms for the new versions of the mods, and 2 of them hasn't been updated to 1.6.2/4. so, I can't update it anymore people! D:

1.5: Added 1 more main mission, a side mission and 4 shops using coins that you can get from killing ballas.

1.4: started up a story! it has 2 main missions and 2 side missions!

1.3: FIxed the glitch with zombies, skeltons, zombiepigmen and looking glitched and made the GSG (thugs) and ballas fight when they are near eachoter.

1.2: a few more mods and the starting point of a story. please force update the pack to get the new map.

1.1: added more GTA-like mods to it

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Created: 10-05-2013

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