GabaTron's Farming Pack Plus+
by GabaTron - Minecraft: 1.4.7

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Big News
The pack is for minecraft 1.6.4 ! go download and check it out here! http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/gmfpp.292392
Seriously, check it out. It's way better. It has LESS IF NOT NO MISSING ITEMS!
If you do happen to find a missing item or something please tell me the item so I can fix it. 

Make your own modpack
I've released a modpack for minecraft 1.6.4 that doesn't come with any mods! You may be thinking, "Wow, thats the worst idea I've ever heard," but have you gone out and tried to find the outdated minecraft files and installed forge? It's not really that hard but it takes a while. But with this pack you can skip all that because it comes ready for you to mod. You're welcome

A big modpack with lots and lots of food and biomes added. Lots of crops for all the farmers out there!
Major mods included:
-Inventory Tweaks
-Mo' Food and Crops
-Modular Powersuits
-Zan's Minimap
-Iron Chests
-IndustrialCraft 2
-Compact Solars
-Buildcraft/Industrialcraft Crossover
-Lots of Food mod
-Twilight Forest
-Timber! mod
-GLSL Shaders
-Better Animations Mod
-Pam's Harvest Base Mod
-Jammy's Furniture Mod
-Backpack Mod
-Double door Mod
-Forestry Mod
-Extra Bee's
-Dynamic Lighting Mod
-Dr. Zhark's Mo Creatures Mod
-Millenaire Mod
-Hats Mod
-Pam's Harvestcraft mods
-Flans mods
-Tinkers construct
-Better HUD's by bspkrs
-Redpower 2
-Weee Flowers

Key Bindings
J - Hats Menu
K - Power Armor key bindings
B - Millenaire help menu
L - Dynamic lighting toggle on/off
M - Waypoint menu
N - Add waypoint at current position

Background picture featuring Sphax PureBD craft.
Check it out here: http://bdcraft.net/
My absolute favorite pack btw

My minecraft in game name: GabaTron_

For laetst updates or if you want to play something, add me on Steam!
Username: GabaTron
Look for the robot!

To add shader packs:
Go to %appdata%/roaming/.technic/gabatrons-farming-pack/shadermods
Then add in the zip file for the shaderpack without unzipping it
In Game-Enable the shaderpack in options

I take no credit for the mods, I just put them in the pack.

Version 2.7.1
-Key binding fixes
-Compact Solars added

Version 2.7 - The update that changed the universe!
-Added Flan's Mods
-Added Redpower 2
-Added Pam's Harvestcraft
-Added Metallurgy Mod
-Added Tinker's Construct
-Added Directional HUD
-Added Status Effect HUD
-Added Armor Status HUD
-Added Pam's Weeeee Flowers mod
-Removed Magical Crops and Plants and food mod
-Changed items ID's
-Fixed some small bugs and stuff

Version 2.5
-Removed Sim-U-Kraft
-Added Millenaire
-Added Hats Mod
-Changed all of Buildcrafts block ID's
-Put in a new, fancy pack background

Version 2.3
-Added Sim-U-Kraft

Version 2.2
- Added Dr. Zhark's Mo' Creatures Mod
- Added Gui Api
- Added Custom Mob Spawners

Version 2.0
- Added Lots of new mods!
- Removed Biomes O'Plenty
- Fixed some minor stuff

Version 1.2
-Added the Better Animations mod!

Version 1.1
-Added the GLSL Shaders mod
-Updated load screen background

Revert to 1.0
-Removed the Bear Grylls mod because It was causing too many issues.

Credits for mods:
-Compact Solars by - cpw
-Flan's Mods by - Flan
-Pam's Weeee Flowers mod by - Pam
-Pam's Harvestcraft by - Pam
-Redpower 2 by - eloraam
-Better HUD mods by - bskprs
-Tinker's Constuct by - mDiyo
-Metallurgy by - ShadowClaimer
-Hats mod by - iChun
-Millenaire mod by - Kinniken
-Lots of food mod by - pifou92000
-Mo' Food and Crops mod by - v3XzZ
-Farmcraftory mod by - ComicRetrolution
-Iron Chest mod by - cpw
-Inventory Tweaks mod by - Jimeowan
-Modular Powersuits mod by - MachineMuse
-Not Enough Items mod by - chicken_bones
-CodeChickenCore mod by - chicken_bones
-Industrialcraft 2 mod by - Alblaka and the IC2 team
-Buildcraft mod by - Spacetoad and the Buildcraft team
-Buildcraft/Industrialcraft 2 crossover mod by -
-Minecraft Forge by - Lexmanos, Eloraam, Spacetoad
-Timber! mod by - TehKrush
-Twilight Forest mod by - Benimatic
-Zan's minimap mod by - MamiyaOtaru
-Optifine mod by - sp614x
-GLSL Shaders original mod by - daxnitro, Modified version by - karyonix
-Original Better Animations Mod by - NosirrahK Revived version by - KodaichiZero
-Harvestcraft Base mod by - Pam
-Bibliocraft by - Nuchaz
-Backpack mod by - MigthyPorks
-Dynamic Lighting by - AtomicStryker
-Double Doors Mod by - kirsybuu
-Forestry Mod by - Direwolf20
-Extra Bees by - Binnie
-Jammy's Furniture Mod by - Jammy780
-gui Api by - ShaRose
-Custom Mob Spawners by - Dr. Zhark
-Mo Creatures by - Dr.Zhark

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