PokePack : Adventure V1
by Pokecath - Minecraft: 1.5.1

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First version of PokePack!
-Removed Mod : "Elemental Scrools"
-Removed Mod : "Modular Power Suits"
-Removed Mod : "Universal Electrycity"
-Removed Mod : "Tinkerer Construct"
-Removed Mod : "Galaxycraft"
-Added Mod : "Ore Spiders"
-Added Mod : "Working Sponges"
-Updated Mod : "Grave Stones"
-Removed Mod : "More Potions"
-Added Mod : "Dem Apples"
-Fixed Bugged Mod : "Battle Tower"
-Added Mod : "Elemental Tinkerer"
-Updated Mod : "Harken Scythe"
-Added Mod : "Nether Eye"
-Removed Mod : "Rare Ores"
-Changed ID of some blocks.
-Updated Mod : "Magical Crops"
-Fixed Bugged Mod : "Better Dungeons"
-Changed Hosting!
-Added Mod : "Old Bow"
-Added Mod : "Ender Gem"
-Added Mod : "Lava Monsters"
-Added Mod : "True Randomite"
-Added Mod : "Crafting Guide"
-Added Mod : "Metallurgy 3"
-Updated Mod : "Tinkerer Construct"
-No more crashes ,but don't use items from Tinkerer Construct!
-Updated Mod : "Grimore Of Gaia"
-Stabilized Pack (Again)
-Deleted Mod : "NEI"
-Stabilized Pack
-Fixed Bug
-Added Mod : "NEI"
-Stabilized Pack
-Added Mod : "Castle Defenders" with config
-Updated Mod : "Galacticraft"
-Again Removed Mod : "Infernal Mobs"
-Removed Mod : "Zombie Awarness"
-Removed Mod : "Legendary Beasts"
-Removed Mod : "Myth & Monsters"
-High Unstability!
-Deleted Mod : "Mouse Tweaks" aka Mobs Update:
-Added Mod : "Zombie Awarness"
-Added Mod : "Myth & Monsters"
-Added Mod : "Legendary Beasts"
-Added Mod : "Special Mobs"
-Added Mod : "Utitly Mobs"
-Readded Mod : "Infernal Mobs"
-Added Mod : "Invasion"
-Added Mod : "Mob Dismemberment"
-Added Mod : "Mouse Tweaks"
-Fixed bugs
-Deleted Mod : "Clay Soldiers"
-Deleted Mod : "Goblins!"
-Changed ID of Ender Storage to 540
-Fixed bugs.
-Added Mod : "Magicial Crops"
-Added Mod : "Clay Soldiers"
-Added Mod : "Rare Ores"
-Added Mod : "Goblins!"
-Changed ID of Ender Storage to 8000
-Added Mod : "Portal Gun"
-Added Mod : "Grimore of Gaia"
-Fixed "Exeption Ticking World"
-Fixed "White Screen"
-Fixed "White Screen"
-Added Mod : "Harken Scythe"

All credits go to authors of mods!

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Created: 04-11-2013

Last Updated: 1 year ago

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