Explosives Craft
by Masterzach32 - Minecraft: 1.6.4

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Explosivescraft is a modpack where i take voltz and add explosives mods such as More Explosives, Too Much Tnt, and Flans Mod. The pack also includes Optifine for those with slow computers.

Note: If you want me to add a mod, please check to see if it has updated to the minecraft version Explosives Craft is using so you dont spam the comments. Also PLEASE post problems on my website and not the comments on this page!

Website: Masterzach32.

Technical Support: [email protected]

How to install:

Please Download and +1 the pack today!

More Description coming soon!

Explosives Craft Classic copyright Masterzach32.net. All Rights Reserved

Added: Flans mod
Added: Simple Parts Pack
Added: Ye Olde Pack
Added: World War II Pack
Added: Technomancy

- Weather2 Mod
Reason: To imporve stability on the users client.
- Equivlent Exchange
Reason: Stability & it not being used on the server.


* More Mods, and mod updates.

Latest Update:
Upgrade to 1.6.4
Note not all mods have updated yet so you may be missing some mods!

All mods included in this pack belong to their rightful creator.
If any mod creator is frustrated with JAC uplink distribution.
Contact: [email protected]

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Created: 03-04-2013

Last Updated: 76 days ago

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