CD: Pre-Release [1.9.87]
by f3rullo14 - Minecraft: 1.5.2

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This modpack is ONLY used to BETA test pre-releases of Crafting Dead!

Anyone is aloud to try it for themselfs but there is no multiplayer ATM, there will be PRE-RELEASE server up later on!

1.9.83 pre-release:
- Added m240
- Added Gun Bag (Stores Guns Like Backpacks)
- Clan tags can be seen with player's nametags when hover over
- Changed Multiplayer Menu
- Client Server list changed to basic setup
- Fixed Handcuff glitch
- Fixed Can opener glitch
- Fixed Vests not saving inventory on occaction
- Fixed Dead Body skins not rendering
- Fixed Clans saving
- Fixed Inventories disappearing after server restart
- Fixed Supply Drop Inventory not saving after server restart
- Fixed Key bindings not saving
- Cleaned up development workspace, preparing for Crafting Dead 2.0.0!

1.9.8 pre-release:
- Added AS50 (Found in Supply Drops)
- Added Clan System (Press L)
- Added Changelog/News GUI
- Attempted to fix Vest Glitches. Not sure if worked :/
- Fixed Items Stacking Bug
- Fixed Dupe Glitches
- Fixed Grenade Bugs

1.9.6 pre-release:
- Added AK47
- Added MP5K
- Added M9
- Added Patreon link to home page
- Added Rice
- Added Canned Pasta
- Added Apple / Rotten
- Added M67 HE Grenade
- Added Sunkiss Soda Drink
- Fixed: Some GUI tweaks (Player GUI, 'G')

1.9.51 pre-release:
- Dropbox link testing

1.9.5 pre-release:
- Added Splint
- Added Splint Stick
- Added Rag (Dirty/clean)
- Added Laser Attachment
- Added Angled Grip Attachment
- New Textures for some items/models
- Fixed: Gun Rendering and RAM bug.
(Basically the MODEL for each gun was being created every single tick, rather then created once then used. Whoops!)
- Fixed: Item Dupe glitch

1.9.2 pre-release:
- Changed Dropbox
- Testing Links

1.8.61 pre-release:
- Added Tactical Vests
- Fixed Server Crashes: Due to Bases not loading properly

1.8.6 pre-release:
- Added Pears /Rotten
- Added Oranges /Rotten
- Some food restores water too now
- Finalized Gun Rendering
- Fixed texture Bugs
- Longer corpse time
- Longer Supply drop time

1.8.57 pre-release:
- Added Stained Clay
- Updated gun rendering/data transfering
- Fixed Supply drops

1.8.56 pre-release:
- New rendering system for guns

1.8.51 pre-release:
- New textures for armor
- New texture for M4-A1
- New RENDER system for guns, hopefully helps FPS

1.8.413 pre-release:
- Added Supply Drops
- Optimized Guns
- Removed Gun running animation to optimize
- Added MRE
- Added Peaches

1.8.411 pre-release:
- ready for release!
- Tweaking the rendering!

1.8.46 pre-release:
- Fixed Dead Bodies

1.8.44 pre-release:
- Added Dead Corpse
- Loot Spawners Blend with other blocks
- Speed Check checks Server Side
- Added M1911
- Added M1-Grand
- Optimized Menu & Guns

1.8.42 pre-release:
- Optimized Particles and bullet functions
- New Main Menu
- New Navigation Menu

1.8.41 pre-release:
- Fixed keybinds
- Fixed Server crashes

1.8.40 pre-release:
- Removed Old Gun
- Removed Attachments
- Removed Ammo
- Added New Guns
- Added Models
- Added Particle Effects
- Added new sounds and rendering/animations

1.8.02 pre-release:
- Backpack LAN world tweaks
- Large backpack green tweaked

1.8.01 pre-release:
- Backpack Bugs fixed=No guns and backpacks a loud to be stored
- Key binding for a gun QUICK swap key, default c to switch guns on your back to your hand
- Building/cutting animation/loading bars for kits and the wire cutters
- remove a max of only 4 guns
- added can openers
- added iced tea & juice box
- added canned tuna and beans
- updated bullet functions
- added blood particles

1.8.0 pre-release:
- Backpacks
- Gun holder
- new inventory for Crafting Dead
- inventory tweaks (only pickup 4 guns) (much beta)
- Item: Backpack
(More will be added later on, size wise)

1.7.3 pre-release:
- Added new Armor:
- Ghillie
- Soldier
- Spec Ops
- Bug fixes to new Items
- Connection to Crafting Dead Cloud
- Keeps track of runs and downloads

You are aloud to use this mod pack for playing and enjoying the mod only. No reposting or anything

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Created: 08-10-2013

Last Updated: 23 days ago

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