by iPenguinMC - Minecraft: 1.6.4

Platform URL

Website: http://businessmodpack.com
Teamspeak 3: ts.businessmodpack.com

1. Open your technic platform
2. Click add new pack
3. In the box paste "http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/businesselite"
4. Click "Add Modpack"
5. Log in and allow the pack to download
6. Go to multiplayer and select the server that will automatically be there!

The BusinessElite modpack was created to cater for those of you who just love using technological mods! Items such as quarries, or computers exist to make your minecraft experience a lot more intersting! Have the pleasure of creating huge factories and tremendously successful businesses with friends and poking around with wires and pipes! Everything you can possibly want to create in minecraft is possible with the BusinessElite modpack!

BusinessElite has an official server! With no whitelist, no pvp, and absolutely no griefing the BusinessElite official server is an amazing place to get started with the pack, or just have fun with an amazing community. Meet new people, make friends, and experience all the tech that BusinessElite has to offer for you!

BusinessElite is looking for your suggestions! We want you to be in control of your own BusinessElite experience! So if you have ANY suggestions to add to the pack then speak up on our forums! We want YOU... to control the direction that BusinessElite will be taking in the minecraft modpacking community! Suggestions go on our forumsĀ http://forums.businessmodpack.com!

We have now released the server files for BusinessElite! Note: Players, it is reccommended to play on the default servers as they are made either by the devs or by trusted people.
It is also reccommended to either use bukkitforge or mcpc+ to be able to use plugins with your server!

Click Me to Go to Downloads Page

If you are looking for in depth news/changes, then please visit my blog at http://businessmodpack.com/blog.html
2/1/2014- Updated Minefactory Reloaded, Logistic Pipes, and OpenBlocks. Added Open Mods Lib.
1/11/2014- Re-added Binnie Mods, Logistics Pipes, and fixed a load of configs
1/08/2014- Update Carpenter's Blocks, DragonAPI, EnderIO, RotaryCraft, and ReactorCraft
12/31/2013- Updated Damage Indicators and Galactticraft, Added Tinkers Construct & Open CC Sensors
12/25/2013- Should be the last update for the next while. Updated Railcraft, Carpenters Blocks. bspkrs core, tree capitator, steves carts, and minecraft forge. This is BusinessElite version 4.3.6
12/24/2013- Update NEI Plugins & Added NEI Addons. This should fix all NEI crashing issues! BusinessElite version 4.3.4
12/22/2013- Updated Mekanism & Forge This is version 4.3.3
12/20/2013- Updated all mods in the pack
11/28/2013- Updated Bibliocraft, Damage Indicators, Galacticraft, and Minefactory Reloaded
11/24/2013- Lots o' bugfixes! Also updated OpenBlocks to version 1.2.2
11/11/2013- Updated Additional Buildcraft Objects, Forestry, Mekanism, Trade Booth
11/07/2013- Updated mekanism and galacticraft, fixed a ton of small bugs in BusinessEliteConfigFix
11/06/2013- Updated all of the mods that were updatable. Removed Thermal Expansion, FancyGUI, Electric Expansion, Dimensional Doors, Extra Bees (will be put back in soon). Added a lot of new mods: Tropicraft, Galacticraft, qCraft, More Records, Wireless Redstone, NEI Plugins, Project Red, Logistics Pipes, Carpenter's Blocks
10/10/2013- Updated all current mods! Added OpenBlocks, and EnderIO.
7/15/2013- Updated all of the mods and re-added the Extra Bees mod after it has finally been updated!
6/20/2013- Nothing special in this update, all I did was update all the mods!
5/11/2013- Today we developed our own minecraft main menu! So enjoy that as well as the friends overlay to tweet, facebook, and skype straight from within minecraft!
5/6/2013- Sorry I havent been keeping up again with the changelog! But today I released BusinessElite 3.0.4 for minecraft 1.5.1. Redpower was removed and AtmosMobs was removed until it updates. Dimensional Doors, The Ether, Natura, Damage Indicators and Minechem were added!
4/7/2013- Today we added Logistics Pipes and Thermal Expansion into the modpack! This is BusinessElite 2.4.0!
3/28/2013- We released BusinessElite 2.3.2 today! This update includes NEI Plugins, custom Splashes, and a custom minecraft menu background. Sorry I have not been keeping up with the change log.
3/12/2013- BusinessElite 2.0 has now been released! All of the mods are updated to minecraft 1.4.7 and we changed around a few mods like removing assembly line and adding mine factory reloaded, and galacticraft.
3/5/2013- Pack version 1.2.1 has been released! Updated buildcraft and buildcraft additional objects, also added mccapes mod!
3/4/2013- Pack version 1.1.0 released! New mod added "Extra Bees"

ABO adds some new pipes and objects as an add-on to Buildcraft.

Applied Energistics allows you to store items in large systems, and have the systems automatically perform actions with your items.

Bibliocraft adds a lot of new storage blocks that look fancy, along with a variety of furniture, and novel writing supplies.

bspkrs Core is a dependency for all of bspkrs' mods.

Buildcraft is a mod packed with different types of machinery. From automated mining, to transportation of items, buildcraft has you covered.

Carpenter's Blocks adds a variety of different blocks that allow you to change the slopes of the blocks, or the way they look.

Code Chicken Core is a dependency for all of Chicken_Bones' mods.

Computercraft adds computers into minecraft along with programmable robots called 'Turtles'.

Damage Indicators adds little hit splats for every time you attack a player or npc. It also shows their health in the top left corner of the screen.

DragonAPI is a dependency for all of Reika's mods.

EnderIO is a mod developed by CrazyPants which adds compact liquid conduits, energy conduits and redstone conduits, power generation, machinery, remote area access, transceivers and more.

ExtrabiomesXL is a mod which adds new biomes and an assortment of natural blocks and items that enhance gameplay and make exploring fun and interesting.

Forestry is an add-on for buildcraft that allows you to breed bees, trees, and butterflies. You can also automate farming.

Minecraft Forge allows many different mods to get along and work together

Friend's Overlay allows you to tweet, skype message, or facebook chat, all from within minecraft.

Galacticraft allows you to explore the solar system in your very own spaceship.

Inventory Tweaks allows you to easily manage your inventory, in both single player and multiplayer. It works out of the box, and will make you gain a massive amount of time!

iron Chests adds a variety of new chests with larger item storage capacities.

MAtmos is a sound atmosphere generator for Minecraft. Whenever you play on any multiplayer server or in singleplayer, it looks at your surroundings and generates natural noises as a soundscape, such as birds chirpling in the forest, rumbling noises near a lava lake or wind gusts on a hilltop. This fills out the perpetual silence of Minecraft.

Mekanism adds a lot of new machines to minecraft to automate different processes.

MFR aims to automate a number of tasks that previously would be difficult, boring, or work-intensive. It also provides some additional support blocks and machines.

More Records adds a variety of new records into the game.

NEI Plugins is a mod which allows other mods to work with Not Enough Items.

Nether ores provides ore generation in the nether. Just be careful, they are explosive.

Not Enough Items allows you to spawn in items or look up their recipes straight from within the game.

OpenBlocks is a random collection of ideas - ideas the community have suggested, or ideas we thought "Why hasn't anyone done that yet?". There is no theme, it's quite random. It's not even just blocks, as the name suggests!

Power Crystals Core is a dependency for all of powercrystal's mods.

Project Red is a replacement for the Repower 2 mod by Eloraam. It adds many innovative tools for the use of redstone.

qCraft adds aspects of quantum mechanics into the minecraft world.

Railcraft adds many new tracks, and carts to improve the minecraft railroad systems.

ReactorCraft is an add-on for RotaryCraft which allows you to generate larger amount of Shaft Power.

Rei's Minimap adds a small minimap in the top right corner of your screen.

RotaryCraft is a mod that adds more realistic power and machines into minecraft.

Steve's Carts allows you to create custom minecarts with different modules to perform automated tasks.

Trade Booth allows you to create per player trading booths which people can use to sell items on multiplayer servers.

Tree Capitator allows you to chop down a tree all at once by chopping down just it's bottom block.

Wireless Redstone allows you to wirelessly transmit a redstone signal.

This is a plugin for Not Enough Items to add extra support for Forestry, Applied Energistics, and Buildcraft.

OpenCCSensors is an open source add-on mod for ComputerCraft which gives your computers the ability to retrieve information about the area around them.

CoFH Core is a dependency for all of the CoFH Team's mods.

Thermal Expansion adds a variety of machines into the minecraft world to perform various tasks.

TBig Reactors is designed to provide fun, engaging power systems that are "inspired by" real ones, while maintaining a light-hearted "video game" feel.

A bunch of patches and other nifty features to allow BusinessElite to run properly.

Binnie mods adds a ton of new bee keeping supplies along with a variety of different trees.

Logistics Pipes is an extensive overhaul of the Buildcraft pipe system. It allows for better distribution of items via pipes, more organised stockkeeping and easier automated crafting.

Additional Buildcraft Objects
(Minecraft Forums)

Applied Energistics
(Applied Energistics Wiki)

bspkrs core, Tree Capitator
(Minecraft Forum)

(Minecraft Forums)

(Buildcraft Website)

Carpenters Blocks
(Minecraft Forums)

(Minecraft Forums)

Damage Indicators
(Minecraft Forum)

DragonAPI, RotaryCraft, ReactorCraft
(Minecraft Forums)

(EnderIO Website)

(Minecraft Forums)

(Forestry Wiki)

Friends Overlay
(Minecraft Forums)

Galacticraft, Micdoodle Core
(Micdoodle8's Website)

Inventory Tweaks
(Minecraft Forums)

Iron Chest
(Minecraft Forums)

(MAtmos Website)


Minefactory Reloaded, Nether Ores, PowerCrystals Core
(Minecraft Forums)

More Records, Pop Pack
(Minecraft Forums)

NEI Plugins

Not Enough Items, CodeChickenCore, Wireless Redstone
(Minecraft Forums)

Open Blocks
(Open Mods Website)

Project Red
(Minecraft Forums)

(qCraft Website)

(Railcraft IRC)

Rei's Minimap
(Minecraft Forums)

Steves Carts 2
(Steves Carts 2 Wiki)

(Minecraft Forums)

Tropicraft, ConfigMod, CoroAI, ExtendedRenderer, Modbuild, Weather
(Minecraft Forums)

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