Pixelmon 3.0!
by AaronGd - Minecraft: 1.6.4

Platform URL

1)Copy link above
2)Open Technic Launcher
3)Click "add"
4)Click "play" and enjoy! :D

This mod pack is specifically for pixelmon, but is a more enjoyable experience with other mods added. If you have any mods you feel would be a good addition to this mod pack let me know in the descussion. I want this mod pack to be built buy the players, so please give me your suggestions.

CURRENT MODS (will be updated)
~Pixelmon v. 3.0.0
~Rei's Mini Map v. 3.4_01
~Better Furnaces Mod v.3.4
~Forge ModLoader (1.6.4)

No changelog.

All mods in this mod pack were NOT created by me and I do NOT take credit for them. This mod pack was created for entertainment for everyone. If a mod creator wants their mod pack removed, please let me know and I will remove it. Enjoy!

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Created: 02-18-2014

Last Updated: 277 days ago

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