UgoCraft Reloaded
by Laurant98 - Minecraft: 1.6.2

Platform URL

We're back! It's been tested and it works!

v5 - Got Rid of Forge. didn't work anymore. now using modloader.
Sorry that it took so long but i had some personal things to take care of.
- We are now using Forge!
- Added the Dynamic Lights mod
- Added the Wireless Redstone mod
v3 - I made a complete new Logo and BackGround for the Modpack
v2 - I moved the modpack to Dropbox cause my website was being overloaded by you guys, i dont blame you.
I have also updated the description,
v1 - Modpack uploaded and tested

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Created: 04-24-2013

Last Updated: 154 days ago

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