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Minecraft 1.7.9 and 1.7.10 Now Available For Modpack Creation cannibalvox cannibalvox / Posted 21 days ago

This is just a heads-up, since we've taken so long to get around to it.  The platform, launcher, and solder should now support Minecraft 1.7.9 and 1.7.10 packs.  No action is required on your behalf, those Minecraft versions should appear anywhere Minecraft versions are selected.  Due to a sorting issue, 1.7.10 will not show up near the top, but further down the list.  We're investigating this issue currently.  Have fun!

Tekkit 1.2.9e promoted as RECOMMENDED build Skuli Skuli / Posted 69 days ago

Tekkit 1.2.9e has been promoted to RECOMMENDED.  The forum post for 1.2.9d is here.
The server for 1.2.9e is available here.
This update only includes a fix for request pipe crashes.
Please verify your launcher is set to always use recommended build to upgrade to this version.
New and updated mods in this release:
- Logistics Pipes
You will see alerts about mismatched and/or missing items when you load a world or start your server; this is unavoidable and should have no impact on in-game structures and builds, although taking a backup is HIGHLY recommended.

Technic Launcher Build #439 Now Stable cannibalvox cannibalvox / Posted 114 days ago

The Technic Launcher, build #439 has now been marked at stable. Users will automatically download the new version the next time they start the launcher.  We've been on build #431 for some time, so many of these changes have been live for over a month.

Release notes since Build #411:

  • We now correctly handle a 'null' response from the Mojang auth servers as a valid response to a credentialed login attempt.
  • The crash dialog now contains considerably more information in cases which a crash occurs on startup.
  • The build number of the launcher is now listed in more places, such as the console output and launcher logs.
  • The "processing version" message has been replaced with individual messages of what libraries the launcher is validating.
  • The launcher will no longer fail to update the live user's session key when logging in from the login dialog.

Tekkit 1.2.8e has been promoted as Recommended build Skuli Skuli / Posted 119 days ago

This fixes a Java 1.7 requirement from Ender Storage by reverting all CodeChicken mods to their previous Java 1.6-compatible versions.

This should have no impact on your existing games, but as always BACK UP YOUR SAVES.

The server is available for download here.

For server owners needing to upgrade, simply replace the previous versions of the following files with the versions included in the server zip:

  • ChickenChunks
  • codechickencore
  • EnderStorage
  • notenoughitems
  • WR-CBE


Livestream Q&A VODs sct sct / Posted 120 days ago

We were having trouble getting the VOD for the livestream exported to YouTube so you will just have to watch it on Twitch! If you missed the livestream you can watch the VOD for the entire thing below. Enjoy!